FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Long Term Investment in UK Stocks

Q: What is Long Term Stock Investing?

A: Put simply, it is the purchasing and accumulation of shares of public companies and holding onto these shares for many years until the underlying company stop performing, or you decide to cash in, whichever comes first. Long term investors will typically hold stocks for 5-20 years or more.

Q: Are We Predicting?

A: No, although there is always a minimal degree of speculation involved. Trying to predict short-term markets is a losing game. It has been proven that 79% of ‘traders’ fail to make any money chasing quick profits. Of those 21% who make more than they lose, only a tiny % achieve meaningful returns. Long term investing focuses on understanding the underlying investment. In this case, the company and its business. We only buy stocks in wonderfully performing businesses which exhibit key factors such as high profits, a strong re-investment policy and a growth strategy that makes sense. We focus only on the facts. A company either does or does not exhibit these factors. We ONLY invest in the ones that do. We expect the value of these stocks to increase over the course of 5-20 years. Some stocks have risen from £6 a share to £21 since being handpicked by Chris.

Q: Do You Ever Sell?

A: Yes, although it doesn’t happen regularly. However, sometimes a company will stop performing well. If they no longer exhibit these key factors then we may decide that it’s time to take our profits and re-invest it into a different stock/opportunity.

Q: How Much Time Does It Take Up?

A: Almost nothing. If you choose to analyse the stocks yourself then this can take many hours of research. If you join Chris’s Investment Club then this is done for you. In which case the only time invested is the time it takes you to log into your broker account and buy some stocks. Most investors will often watch the prices go up and down every day, but it’s not necessary and in fact, we recommend against checking your portfolio too often. After all, all that matters is whatever the price is when you come to sell it.

Q: Do I Require Any Special Software?

A: No. If you are a member of Chris’ Investment Club then the only thing you need is a broker account. Which is covered in the FREE Beginners Course.

Q: Who is the Beginners Course For?

A: Anyone interested in investing in stocks and shares, but has never actually done it before.

Q: Who is the Investment Club For?

A: Anyone who has done the Beginners Course and wants to benefit from Chris’ wealth of stock analysis, pricing analysis and coaching. The analysis shows you precisely which stocks to focus on and which stocks to leave alone, AND WHY. The Pricing analysis tells you which of these stocks are priced cheap, and which are overpriced. This fluctuates daily and is an ongoing process.

Q: Is There A Pre-Requisite For Joining The Investment Club?

A: We only ask that you have a basic understanding of investing and building a portfolio. This can be obtained by completing the How to Start Investing in Stocks FREE Course. It takes 1-2 hours to complete and is geared towards the complete beginner.

Q: How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A: Due to the typical transaction fees the brokers charge of £8-12 per transaction we usually would not buy anything less than £500 worth of shares at a time. Purchases of £50 would incur a £12 charge each time. So it is better to wait until you have lump sums available to buy. For some this can be a weekly or monthly occurrence. For others it may mean buying once every 3 or 6 months. But we buy our stocks like we buy our groceries. Only instead of bread and butter, you are buying income producing assets.

Q: What Kind Of Returns Can I Expect?

A: It depends on what the markets do between the day you start and the day you cash in. However, the handpicked stocks selected by Chris since 2014 have achieved a combined 16.8% annual average return between January 2014 and January 2023. There is no guarantee made that you will be able to achieve this figure. It may be lower or higher. Such is the uncertainty of investing in the markets. However, investing ONLY in high profit, strong growth stocks, adds a certain level of security. After all, no highly profitable companies stock goes to zero.

Q: How Do I Keep On Top Of How A Company Is Doing?

A: You can at any time carry out your own research, read the annual reports, read the company press statements. However, members of the Investment Club receive a 12-month update on each and every handpicked stock in the form of a .pdf report produced by Chris.

Q: How Can I Get In Touch With Chris Directly?

A: Easy. [email protected]


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