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Chris Chillingworth talking at QE2 Building, Westminster, London in 2018

What Is It?

The Chris Chillingworth Investment Club is unlike any other stock market investment club you’ll have come across before. We do things differently, because we believe they should be done differently. Back in 2017, after 5 years of learning how to analyse and identify wonderful UK growth stocks, Chris began sharing his findings and analysis with family and friends. That same year, he began to write a blog. The blog became popular and readers began to ask for more details on the stocks Chris was picking.

In 2018, Chris began sharing his analysis with members of the public for the first time.

Since then our membership group has grown, largely through word of mouth and referrals, to over +130 members, the majority (but not all) living in the UK. All our members have varying degrees of experience, ranging from beginners building small 4 figure stock portfolio accounts, to veteran investors managing their own personal 6 figure portfolios.

Members receive:-

  • A weekly ‘Watchlist’ report showing every stock that has passed Chris’s strict criteria, along with Pricing Analysis which shows of those stocks, which ones are priced correctly right now for buying.
  • Access to our exclusive members-only archive of 4-5pg pdf Deep Dive reports, one for each individual stock that goes into fantastic detail into ‘WHY’ this stock has passed all of Chris ‘s tests and what gives them their edge.
  • A monthly, in-depth, 100% transparent report showing Chris’ precise personal portfolio of stocks, along with how much he owns of each, how much was bought and sold each month, and a detailed breakdown of dividend income. There is no other analyst providing such a transparent insight.
  • Access to our exclusive members-only Discord chat room, allowing members to converse directly to on another. This addition has been a key factor in our community building and has helped us to build a likeminded approach to investing.
  • Entry to the Yearly Awards ceremony, hosted once a year, online, recognising the success of our members during the calendar year and the award of Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates.
  • Access to our Kids Fledgling Investment Club, a mirror-version of the Watchlist report, but tailored specifically for children aged between 8-18 so that members children can begin their own investing journeys, typically using Junior Stocks & Shares ISA’s.

Is it like a traditional investment club?

No. A traditional investment club typically revolves around a group of individuals ‘pooling’ their capital together and investing it on the stock market together, attempting to learn from their mistakes as they go. There is a social and somewhat educational benefit to these kinds of clubs, but they typically do not produce returns, and those that do tend not to beat the wider market.

The Importance of Picking The Right Stocks

The following chart shows the progress of £1,000 invested into each of these FTSE UK Food related stocks. Only one of these has been a watchlist stock in the last 15 years. The rest did not make the grade. There is a direct correlation with underlying company performance, financial health, growth strategies and share price growth. We find those stocks that tick all the boxes and avoid all those that don’t.

What makes the Chris Chillingworth Investment Club different?

Members of the Chris Chillingworth Investment Club do not pool their capital together. Each member manages and maintains their own personal portfolio. They choose their own investment ‘vehicle’ whether that’s a SIPP or a Stocks & Shares ISA or many other options out there. However, they do receive the above mentioned reports, allowing members to make better informed decisions on what to buy and at what price to buy it. The decision to do so relies entirely on the individual member themselves.

In addition to this, however, they also gain fantastically detailed education on how to approach long-term investing in UK growth stocks, how identify great stocks to invest in, and perhaps more importantly, which ones to leave well alone. Our clients were guided well away from Debenhams, Thomas Cook, Mothercare, HMV, Dixons, Cineworld and many other failing stocks. Our members saw these coming from miles off, because of the intricate attention of Chris’s analysis, highlighting their long term flaws. It is impossible to quantify how much capital members have saved from being steered away from such investments. But it’s likely to be in the 6 figures collectively.

What are our Results like?

Our members typically report dramatic improvements in their portfolio growth, showcased by the number of clients receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for significantly beating the wider market. They also report that the welcoming and supportive community of likeminded long-term UK based investors are a huge benefit to them. Investing can be a lonely experience. It’s must more enjoying with over 130 other people in the same boat, all singing from the same hymn sheet.

However, the results are really where we add the most value. You can download our Investment Club’s 2023 Annual Report here which provides in-depth analysis of the performance of the hand-picked stocks identified by Chris Chillingworth and the membership club.

What is is NOT?

  • This is not a traditional stock picking service. Whilst we provide a list of stocks that meet the criteria, most stock picking newsletters and websites have no vested interest in their readers results. Most stock picking analysts do not even invest in the stocks they recommend. They also need content. If an analyst has to provide a stock pick every day of the year, they need to find 365 great stocks to recommend. There are not 365 stocks worth recommending. Traditional stock picking services have no incentive to provide great picks, as they are not buying them themselves. With the Chris Chillingworth Investment Club you can see precisely what Chris owns himself. Which we think adds a degree of reassurance that his picks have substance.
  • We do not manage anyone’s money. All members retain 100% control of their portfolios. They are simply able to use Chris’s detailed analysis to make more informed decisions about their stock purchases. Most retail investors buy Tesco, BP, BT, Royal Mail, Sainsbury’s, Vodafone and many other popular UK stocks. But these are not growth stocks. Tesco sat at £2.50 a share 20 years ago. Today, it sits at around the same. Our members use the analysis to invest in wonderful growth stocks.
  • This is not a traditional investment club. We do not pool our money together to be invested blindly by novices who do not know what they are doing. Instead, the Chris Chillingworth Investment Club uses Chris’s experience and expertise in educating members what they should be looking for and why. It provides a supportive environment for investors to learn why they’re investing in certain companies, which makes all the difference.

Who Can Join?

The Chris Chillingworth Investment Club is an exclusive, members-only investment club. Since 2019, only members known to Chris or it’s existing members have been given permission to join. This also includes members of the public who have completed Chris’ FREE ‘How to Start Investing in Stocks’ Course, which is a pre-requisite for any beginners wishing to be considered for entry to the club. In the past, Chris has also accepted members of the public who were avid listeners of the ‘Diary of a UK Stock Investor Podcast’, such was their exposure to Chris’ mindset approach towards long-term UK stock investing. We typically find that long term listeners of the Podcast, typically tend to fit in well.

And fitting in well is very important to us. Our group has grown slowly and carefully over the last 5 years to over 130 members. Many of our members have remained with us since it’s inception back in 2019. We are very careful about who we allow in and maintain a door policy. There is no public access to the investment club at this time and there probably never will be. We are very proud of the supportive and encouraging community we have built, and we intend to keep it that way. If this mean we stay at 130 members, so be it.

Our members are long-term investors, who have an openness to learning. They want to be part of a community of like-minded investors and have no intentions to use the group to promote their own opinions or agenda around certain stocks. In the past, some members have joined us and immediately set about trying to convince other members on certain stocks not on Chris’ list. Selfishly so, perhaps wanting validation regarding their existing portfolio choices. This is not what our club is about. Anyone who thinks they know it all already is not welcome.

We do love beginners. In fact, beginners tend to be better members usually, as they haven’t spent years doing the wrong things and training themselves into the wrong mindset. But essentially, anyone willing to listen, learn and be a positive supportive member of our community is welcome.

How Can I Join The Chris Chillingworth Investment Club?

If you feel you are the right fit for the group, you can request consideration for the Chris Chillingworth Investment Club by contacting Chris directly, by email at [email protected]

Your email is important also. Please use it to provide a few words on your background. Here are some specific questions we’d like you to consider when applying:-

  • What are your investment goals?
  • What do you want out of joining the Investment Club?
  • How long do you expect it will take to accomplish those investment goals?
  • How open are you to learning a new mindset surrounding investing in stocks?

How Much Does It Cost?

Membership to the Chris Chillingworth Investment Club costs £77/month. There is no minimum term. No hidden costs. You can cancel your subscription any time and you will simply be removed from the list and your access to the resources and weekly reports will be closed. No questions asked. No hassle. No faff. So in theory, you could join for a month, find it’s not for you, and leave. But we don’t think you’ll want to.

Prices are subject to rising in the future, however, we always ‘grandfather’ you in at the price you joined. So, once you sign up at £77/m, if prices rise, yours will always remain at £77/m, unless you leave and then request to re-join. Many of our clients are on the same low prices they paid back in 2019 at the start of the club’s journey, and benefit from reduced rates for doing so.

If, following receipt of your introduction email you are accepted, a private link to sign up will be provided to you in reply.

 Secure Order Form – 100% Protected and Safe

Your purchase will appear on your statement under the name “CHRIS CHILLINGWORTH”. This is a monthly recurring payment. You will be billed every month for £77 on the same day as your first transaction. There are no additional fees charged for the transaction or any future renewals. Renewal of £77 is automatic each month and can be cancelled at any time with an instant cease of service. There are no fees for late or cancelled payments and no effects to your credit score. No interest rates are charged on late payments.