Each month I produce a 3-4 page letter detailing my journey from £4,000 to £1,024,867 investing in UK stocks. They provide a unique and open perspective on everything I do and why I do it. My hope is that one day they will not only serve as a breadcrumb trail record for how I reached my goal to £1,024,867, but also as a training resource for anyone wishing to duplicate the results.

The letters are entirely FREE and are sent directly to your email inbox once a month.

Inside the monthly letters I share with you:-

  • Which of my stocks rose and fell that previous month
  • How much the portfolio rose or fell by
  • How much I made in Dividends
  • How much capital I pumped in
  • Which stocks I bought and which stocks I sold, if any
  • Why I do all the things I do

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