Vodafone, Hargreaves Lansdown Takeover & Picking Stocks – Episode #91

In Episode 91 of the Diary of a UK Stock Investor Podcast this week:-

  • We discuss the latest news on Vodafone
  • Bellway homes takeover of Crest
  • Fullers Pubs, Mind Gym, Ashtead Group, Halma and XP Power stock news
  • The proposed takeover of investment brokers Hargreaves Lansdown
  • We answer some of our listeners questions on investing in US Stocks
  • How Chris’s stock portfolio is performing so far in June 2024
  • Chris’s best advice for Beginners Picking Individual Stocks for their portfolio

Diary of a UK Stock Investor Podcast is a show for everyday long-term retail investors, hosted by Chris Chillingworth. The podcast is unique in that it serves as a place for Chris to reflect on the highs and lows of long-term UK stock investing, as well as sharing detailed updates on how his own portfolio is growing. With new episodes every Thursday, and a detailed update on his quest to reach £1,024,867 in portfolio value by 2043, episodes often discuss investing education, strategy, mindset, ideas and even stock picks and analysis. The show, which now has an active following of over 4000 downloads a month, is curated by Chris Chillingworth, a UK investor for over a decade whose stockpicks have achieved a 15.9% annual average return between Jan 2014 – Jan 2024.

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